Heaven's Gate & Hell's Flames

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Our Goal as a ministry is to enable you the local church to effectively reach out to your community.

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A Powerful. High Tech Drama. Using Your Congregation To reach Your Community.

Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames is a powerful, dramatic presentation of the Gospel message combining ageless truth with modern multimedia effects and an incredible stage set. This presentation is UNIQUE as it utilizes YOUR CONGREGATION as the actors and can be adapted to just about ANY SIZE of VENUE from small church building to the ICC.Our goal as a ministry is to enable you, the local church, to effectively reach out to your community.

Reality Ministries in SOUTH AFRICA is part of a global, non denominational organisation and we would love to have the opportunity to work with you sometime in the future.

Heavens Gates and Hells Flames is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Christian dramas ever produced. New Covenant Fellowship Pietermaritzburg was greatly affected by this production. In 1999 we invited the Heavens Gates team to come to our church for four days but it stayed seven weeks with over 27000 visitors and 7000 salvations. This was undoubtedly a visitation of the Holy Spirit for salvation and has resulted in change that has lasted years. The drama has returned a few times to the church with not quite the results of the first occasion but always with many people coming to Christ. I can strongly recommend this drama to local churches with the encouragement that it be accompanied by much prayer and mobilization of the whole local church to reach the community in invitation to the production - Ray Oliver (Lead Pastor of NCF until 2000)

  • "Loads of love and thanks for a very enjoyable time; it was great to go to heaven this time;
    one day we will do it for real. - Andy"
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for giving me this part,
    now I think God is going to do a lot more in my life because of this."
  • "Having gone through so many problems as an asylum seeker
    - God has broken down my barriers and enabled me to be used in this play - Noreen
  • "God is so fantastic - we couldn't have done the play without Him!!
    My youngest daughter, Ashleah, got saved after the first performance and I m so happy!
    Praise God - Ali"
  • "Hi, I’d like to thank you for opening my eyes and others around me in the duration of this play.
    After the first performance I was saved and
    I am happy to be on a new journey with God - Ashleah"